Forest Guardians was established in 2019 in response to wildfire emergencies happening around the world. We are a UK based charity working with forest communities worldwide. Our areas of focus are:

Communication: We have established a global network of that helps disseminate the stories and messages of forest guardians.

Education: We design and deliver online courses on forest guardian apprenticeships, indigenous forest schooling and traditional ecological knowledge.   


Advocacy: We provide advice and consultancy for forest guardianship and legal rights of forests in partnership with Earth Law Centre, the world's leading organisation in biocentric law.

                               Our values


Forest Guardians is rooted to the core principle of humility, being close to the soil (humus). We encourage reciprocity and responsibility.


We are devoted to improving human relations with forests and supporting forest guardianship initiatives worldwide.

We work with indigenous communities, local forest communities, researchers, artists, foresters, earth lawyers and activists, in an effort to cultivate care for forest life.


You too can become a forest guardian, and help us stop the destruction of our planet's green life.

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