Reserva Ecologica Fulkaxo

Forest Guardians is helping the Kariri-Xoco Fulkaxo, based in Northeastern Brazil, purchase, fence up, and reforest an area of highly endangered Atlantic Forest. Less than 10% of this forest's original cover survives. The Kariri-Xoco Fulkaxo tribe have been fighting since 2004 for the rights to relocate and purchase their ancestral forest. In 2019, with support from Forest Care, the Kariri-Xoco won a legal case in the Brazilian High Court that will allow them relocate from Aldeia Kariri-Xoco to Cadoz Estate, a five hectare stretch of forested land in the State of Sergipe, Northeastern Brazil.

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Please donate to Forest Guardian Your contributions will go toward the purchase and reforestation of Cadoz Estate and the maintenance of Reserva Ecologica Fulkaxo.