Meet Haru Kuntanawa
Kuntanawa Eco-Restoration Project
Acre, Brazil

The Kuntanawa are an indigenous community from the Brazilian Amazon in the western most state of Brazil, called Acre, which is bordering Peru.  


Guardians Worldwide is supporting Haru's extraordinary community and environmental work, which aims to reforest over 200,000 acres (80.000 hectares). Large parts of Acre are at the frontline of the encroaching destruction, which includes the construction of a road and railroad through the area connecting Brazil with the Pacific and a gas pipeline, threatening the forest and also the remaining uncontacted tribes in the area.


A key part of the Kuntanawa Eco-restoration Project is to reforest the banks of the river Tejo, by planting around a million trees and helping restore the river's waters flow. The felling of the riverine forests has had detrimental impacts on the water cycle in the area. Rainfall has diminished and topsoil has washed away in more frequent heavy downpours.  Restoring the balance in the area will reconnect the riparian Kuntanawa villages more reliably with the outside world, which is key to a thriving forest economy.




During the eco-restoration period the Kuntanawa also expect world leaders to honour their work by paying for the carbon they draw from the atmosphere and thereby helping in the fight against climate change.

Low impact, small scale eco-tourism is part of this vision to share the beauty of the living forest, the wellness of the natural healing methods and their proud and colourful tribal traditions, which are all part of this holistic vision of a sustainable society and forest economy embedded in the abundance of the world’s most biodiverse area in the world and within this ancient and new vision of a world reconnected with nature.

The project includes building up the skills of foresters, forest guardians and permaculture experts, improving the production of food and other forest produce like traditional medicine. Another key element is restoring traditional healthcare and healing and reinforcing the cultural prowess and the great indigenous ceremonies. 

Please donate to Guardians Worldwide. Your contributions will go toward the regeneration of the Kuntanawa forest and capacity building in this forest community for long term protection of the Amazon Rainforest in the Acre region.