Meet Flay Guajajara
Arariboia Indigenous Territory
Maranhao, Brazil

The last vestige of about a million acres or 413.000 hectares of Indigenous land on the Amazon’s western flank is protected by the courageous Guajajara Forest Guardians who have patrolled this vast area, mostly on foot, to keep the destruction at bay. The area is called the Araribóia Indigenous Territory and it is protected by law. Invaders from surrounding areas have encroached in the area to cut trees for timber and grow pastures to rear cattle on land that is not theirs. The guardians have fiercely defended this last great tropical forest in the state of Maranhão, with six of them being murdered by loggers laying ambushes. The leader of the forest guardians, Flay Guajajara, has made a short documentary about the destruction calling on the world to come to their aid. In this video they also show glimpses of the last uncontacted people of the Awa Guaja tribe, who will disappear with the destruction of the forest. The guardians see it as their duty to protect the lifestyle of their uncontacted kin.

Guardians Worldwide is supporting Flay Guajajara to help protect the area against invaders, regrow the forest and set up multiple small forest economy industries based on the harvesting of produce like açai, honey and cacao as well as ideas about setting up furniture industry based on bamboo and sustainably harvested wood and even eco-tourism. 

Please donate to Guardians Worldwide. Your contributions will go toward the reforestation of Arariboia Territory and the protection of the Guajajara forest from invaders.