The state of the world's forests and rivers is dire and what we need is a miracle.

Our job is to make miracles happen!

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Guardians Worldwide (GWW) supports frontline nature guardians devoted to the protection and restoration of tropical and temperate forests and waters. We co-design technological and educational programmes for climate change solution and eco-restoration in collaboration with Indigenous members of the Guardians Worldwide team.


We believe that it is still possible to re-establish harmony between human society and Nature through the core values of kinship, care and community.  You can support us and become a member of the Guardians Worldwide


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  • To help stop the destruction of forests and rivers in some of the most vulnerable tropical and temperate biomes in the world.

  • To provide frontline forest and river guardians economic and technological support.

  • To facilitate Indigenous-led education, training and coaching ​online.

  • To make digital platforms available for the dissemination of Indigenous wisdoms, priorities and demands.

  • To provide an example of heart-centred environmental leadership.